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British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant (BCTESG)


The Government of British Columbia has announced the $1,200 BCTES Grant. It will be available for all children who are residents of British Columbia and born on or after January 1, 2006. BCTESG provides up to $1,200 that may be deposited directly into the RESP of eligible children. The BCTES Grant is available after August 15, 2015.

With the BCTESG, eligible children may qualify for up to $1,200.


To be eligible for the BCTES grant, a child must meet the following three criteria:
  • The child was born in 2006 or later;
  • At the time of application the child and a parent/guardian of the child are residents of British Columbia;
  • At the time of application the child is the beneficiary of a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) with a participating financial institution
The application period has been established as follows:
Birth Year 1st day of eligibility 1st day to apply Last day to apply
2006 Child's 6th birthday in 2012 August 15, 2016 August 14, 2019
2007 Child's 6th birthday in 2013 August 15, 2015 August 14, 2018
2008 Child's 6th birthday in 2014 August 15, 2015 August 14, 2018
2009 Child's 6th birthday in 2015 August 15, 2015 August 14, 2018 or the day before the child turns nine (whichever is later)
2010 or later Child's 6th Birthday Day the child turns 6 The day before the child turns nine

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