July 2020

Dear Group Option Plan Subscriber,

We know that 2020 has brought changed plans for so many of us – and this is likely true for you and your loved ones as well. Post-secondary education is such a fulfilling and rewarding experience and we know that your RESP beneficiary has worked very hard to get accepted into their post-secondary program.

In order to help address any questions or uncertainty that you or your beneficiary might be experiencing during this time with COVID-19 still top of mind, we have put the following information together. Please refer to the information below as the August 1, 2020 Educational Assistance Payment (EAP) deadline approaches.  If your beneficiary has already submitted their 2020 EAP application, please accept our thanks and you can disregard this letter.

What if the beneficiary is taking a year off? Do any forms need to be submitted?

Yes, in order to defer the EAP until next year, your beneficiary will need to complete the Beneficiary Application Form online to DEFER the EAP by August 1, 2020.

  • If the beneficiary is eligible to apply for an EAP this year, because he or she is part of a group plan beneficiary cohort, it is important to keep CEFI informed about their academic plans – even if he or she is planning to take a year off or take a break from post-secondary since the EAP needs to be actively deferred if it is not being claimed this year.
  • If the beneficiary does nothing (i.e. if he or she does not fill out the deferral form and request a deferral of the 2020 EAP), the 2020 EAP will be forfeited and he or she will not be able to claim it later. This is because in a group plan, the EAP will be paid to the other beneficiaries in their cohort.

What if my beneficiary can’t get their EAP application forms in on time?

  • No problem! If the beneficiary requires more time to submit their EAP application, they may request an extension to the August 1, 2020 EAP application deadline when completing their Beneficiary Application Form online. The beneficiary must submit their extension request by August 1, 2020. If the request for an extension is received by August 1, 2020, we will not charge a late fee of $75 (plus tax).

How do we reach out if we have questions or if we are just not sure about the process?

  • No problem! We are here for you. Call us at 1-800-246-1203 or email us at eap@cefi.ca and we will be pleased to assist.

We wish your beneficiary all the best on his or her academic path and we look forward to helping to navigate the EAP application process. If you have any concerns or uncertainty at all about meeting the August 1, 2020 EAP application deadline, we are standing by and ready to assist.

Yours truly,

Children’s Education Funds Inc.