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Insurance Options

For further peace of mind, you can include many of the coverages summarized below for your RESP. We understand that life can present unexpected surprises. Many of these coverages will help keep your RESP protected.
Completion Insurance & Common Carrier Accident Insurance

Coverage: This coverage looks after future contributions into the RESP so your child's RESP will be funded in the event of a Subscriber passing away or becoming Totally and Permanently Disabled. In addition, the coverage is automatically available with the Group Option plan except for residents of Quebec, where it is optional. As another benefit, the insurer will pay up to $100,000 if the Subscribers death or Accident occurs while on a common carrier. A Common Carrier means any air, land or water conveyance operated worldwide under licence for the transportation of passengers for hire, including bus, subway, train, ship, aircraft, taxi, and streetcar.

Plans: Completion insurance is included or may be elected in the Group Option Plan and comes with up to $100,000 of Common Carrier coverage.

Age eligibility: With respect to the Common Carrier and Life Insurance Benefit the coverage is available between 18 and 72. For the Total and Permanent Disability portion the coverages ages are between 18 and 65.

Beneficiary Insurance

Life Coverage: Each child covered will be issued by the insurer a fully paid up 5 year term life insurance policy in the amount $5,000 upon the maturity of the Scholarship Agreement or reaching the age of 18, whichever is later. At the same time, each insured child will have the option to purchase up to $20,000 without evidence of insurability.

Accident Coverage: With Beneficiary Insurance many Injuries and Accidents that result in a loss can be covered for up to $5,000.

Accident Expense Reimbursement: When a child, under the regular care of a Physician as a result of the injury requires and receives treatment within 30 days of the Accident, the insurer will pay reasonable expenses incurred within one year from the accident for expenses such as: hospital services, ground ambulance, the employment of a registered nurse, customary treatment by a chiropractor, physiotherapist, rental of crutches or wheelchair, and prescription drugs. The aggregate amount payable under the Accident Expense Reimbursement Benefit is $500 in respect of any one accident. Individual limits may apply, please see the policy certificate for more details.

Emergency Out-of-Province / Country Accident Coverage: When an Injury from an Accident occurs outside an insured child's province of residence and requires emergency treatment of the child by a Physician, in addition to any reimbursement provided under the Accident Expense Reimbursement Benefit, the insurer will pay the expense actually incurred for hospital expenses, x-rays or laboratory services as may be requested by the attending Physician. The aggregate amount payable under this benefit is $15,000 in request of any one Accident, less the amount allowed by any provincial health plan.

Dental Coverage: When Injury from an Accident occurs within 30 days to a maximum of $500 per tooth, and subject to an aggregate amount of $750 per Accident.

Cost: $0.75 a month or $9 a year.

Plans: All of the above coverages form Beneficiary Insurance, this includes: Life coverage, Accident Coverage, Accident Expense Reimbursement, Emergency Out-of-Province / Country Accident coverage, and Dental Coverage can be included in all 3 of the plans: Group Option Plan, Self-Initiated Option Plan and the Achievers Plan

Critical Illness

Coverage: If one of the covered Subscribers is diagnosed with a Critical Illness by a Physician for one of the Covered Condition the insurer will pay a benefit to look after the remaining contributions into the plan. Covered Conditions include: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Failure, Paralysis, Blindness.

Each covered condition is defined in the Policy Certificate, exclusions, limitations and survival periods apply.

Cost: $0.75 per month per $10 of contribution

Plan: Group Option Plan

Payment Protection

Coverage: The Scheduled Contributions into the RESP for each day of Involuntary Unemployment or Disability subject to the description of coverage in the Certificate. Benefit payments cannot continue for a period longer than 1 year regardless of the duration of Involuntary Unemployment or Disability. Exclusion and limitations apply, please consult the policy or policy certificate for full details.

Age eligibility: Between the ages of 18 and 65.

Plan: Group Option Plan

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