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Group Option Plan

Option Plan

Protection of principal, for disciplined and committed savers.

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Set your own Plan Contribution Target! Enrol at any age.

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Option Plan

For those who seek a flexible RESP.

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Maturity Application Form

We welcome you to apply for the Maturity of your CET Group Option Plan.

If you need any assistance completing your Maturity application, or if you have questions about your CET RESP, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-246-1203 or maturity@cefi.ca.

Please select one of the following options to begin your Maturity application:

Maturity Application Form

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Maturity Enrolment Confirmation Form

I am from the Registrar's Office and would like to complete the Enrolment Confirmation Form for a student at my institution with a CET Group Option RESP.

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