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I have to say so happy I started funds for my kids with CEFI when they were little. I have a learning disability so it was so important for me to make sure I had funds for my kids to go to school. Investing every year for 18 years, with all the grants you get, sure helps to put your kids through school without the extra stress of how to pay. I think what I love so much about this group is there staff is so helpful. I have one that in particular has been my saving grace – Susan has called me when I need walks me through everything step by step and us so patient with me knowing how I struggle with the understanding of the paper work. So yes CEFI was the best way for me to help my kids het an education and like I say the support is so appreciated. Thank you CEFI and most of all thanks Susan.

Linda S. Winnipeg, Manitoba

We have 3 kids and have been clients with CETC for 18 years. Our client representative is very knowledgeable and is always available when we need him. We are very happy with the product and the service!!

Tara P., Winnipeg, MB. Subscriber since 1998

I have been with CEFI since 2004. It has been a great satisfaction for me. When I need answers to questions, my representative is always there. He answered all my questions and he put my worries to rest.”

Marcie M. , Montreal, QC. Subscriber since 2004.

I currently have 5 grandchildren enrolled with CEFI. Three of which have gotten full use of their RESP’s from the CET Plan. This plan was flexible enough that one of the grandchildren did a 1 year program and still received all three scholarships, plus their grant money and interest. When I enrolled many years ago this option was not available, so it shows that the CET plan is able to adapt in time with some of the changes taking place with post-secondary education. This was of great help to my grandson as the program was very costly. The process was very easy and he got added assistance from our local dealing representative, who has kept in touch over the years. Also, when he contacted the head office in Burlington, the customer service representative was also helpful. Overall, I have been a satisfied customer of CEFI and I would recommend the group plan as long as you are committed to keeping in motion until your grandchild goes to post-secondary.

Dave H., Goose Bay, NL. Subscriber since 1992

I am happy to know that my purchase with Children’s Education Funds Inc will ensure that my child would have some money for her education. The dealing representative was very knowledgeable and knows the product very well and took the time to thoroughly explain, she also was very willing to listen and assisted us until our plan had matured. I would not go with any other company other than CEFI to purchase an RESP. I believe they have the best plans and the best dealing representatives and they come right to your house!!

Myrna G., Edmonton, AB. Subscriber since 2001

It all started when we won the CEFI resp contest in Winnipeg! Right then after the home visit and presentation by the CEFI representative, we knew it’s a very good way of saving for our first newborn’s post secondary schooling. We had 2 more kids and we have also opened both of them in RESP with CEFI. Only 6 more years and my first child will be able to take advantage of our savings, winning, grants and interest later on.

Marichelle M., Sherwood Park, AB. Subscriber since 2003

Hi there, my name is Lisa B. I currently have 2 RESP’s for my boys with CEFI. My experience with the company has been nothing but fantastic! The home visit made it so convenient and informative. Every time I have had questions or concerns since, they were always answered in a timely manner. I have confidence that when it comes time to cash the RESP’s it will be as easy and straight forward as the rest of my experience has been. If I had to recommend to anyone where to get RESPs from, it would definitely be with CEFI!

Lisa B., Sherwood Park, AB. Subscriber since 2003

I have been a subscriber with CET for many years. I have had three children enrolled with this RESP Company and was easily able to transfer from the eldest to the middle child with the help of my local dealing representative. Their customer service is great and they are quick to help out. I have my youngest still yet to finish secondary school, but with the ease of maturing the first plan I see no issues in the future. Thus far I have been grateful for the return on my money as the middle child is doing a 5 year program and it can get costly.

Perry B., Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, QC. Subscriber since 1995

The statements above are from actual subscribers and beneficiaries in the Children’s Education Trust of Canada RESPs and were provided to CEFI. 
In return for sharing their experience, CEFI compensated the reviewer with 50 AirMiles® reward miles. Each statement presented is the opinion of the person who provided it and may not be representative of the views of other people or investors.